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UN-Rated Steel Drums

Steel Drums

McManus Drum Company, Inc. provides drums, tools, and drum-handling equipment for a range of industrial storage and transportation needs. One specialty product we offer is steel drums that carry the United Nations (UN) rating.

These drums are designed, manufactured, and tested for safe use with hazardous materials, in compliance with internationally-accepted protocols. Learn more about our line of UN-rated steel drums below.

UN Rated Steel Drums Explained

The UN develops ratings and standards used throughout the world for many types of packaging, as well as plastic and steel drums. Ratings are designed to protect the environment, employees, the public from potential risks. The ratings ensure high quality standards for materials and manufacturing and that the drums can be used to safely store and transport hazardous materials.

UN-rated steel drums must be designed, manufactured, and tested to meet DOT 49 CFR requirements. Drums are tested for resistance to drops, stacking, leaks, and pressure changes. Each one is marked with letters and numbers indicating the details of how, when, and where the drum was made.

UN Rated Steel Drum Types

Not all UN-rated drums are certified for all types of materials, so you must determine which type of container is correct. The right type for any given application depends on the hazardous material involved, the conditions the drum will be exposed to during storage and transport, and relevant legal compliance issues.

All McManus Drum Company UN-rated steel drums feature:

  • First-quality cold-rolled steel
  • Unlined interior or a chemical-resistant epoxy-phenolic lining
  • Sizes from 5 to 110 gallons
  • Multiple cover and side bung opening configurations
  • Black exterior color

We carry several types of UN-rated drums, including:

  • Closed-head steel drums: Typically, drums feature two bungs for filling and emptying contents. Our closed-head steel drums feature 2 in. and 3/4 in. NPS bungs.
  • Open-head steel drums: These feature a 12-gauge bolt-type locking ring, nut, bolt, and gasketed cover. They are also available with a lever lock ring and may be used with plain covers or those with bungs.
  • New and reconditioned drums: We carry options at many price points, including new, reconditioned, and second-quality (i.e., rejected) drums.

Advantages of UN Rated Steel Drums

Our UN-rated steel drums are manufactured in the USA and are fully recyclable. They offer these advantages for storing and transporting hazardous materials:

  • Enhanced safety: Obtaining the UN rating requires extensive testing, providing reassurance that materials are stored safely. This ensures workers and the larger environment are also protected.
  • International recognition: The United Nations approval system is a long-standing, internationally accepted mark of quality control.
  • Regulatory compliance: Using UN-rated drums keeps your organization in compliance with local, national, and international regulations and laws.
  • Quality control: UN ratings signify a drum has met or exceeded stringent manufacturing and testing standards.
  • Versatility: Durable steel safely stores many types of hazardous substances in a range of environmental conditions.

UN-Rated Steel Drums from McManus Drum Company

It’s important to select the appropriate UN-rated drum for the material you need to contain. At McManus Drum Company, our goal is to help you determine which type of drum is best. We carry an extensive inventory of common UN-rated steel drum sizes and configurations, with many available for immediate shipping or pick-up.

We also carry plastic and fiber drums, intermediate bulk containers, and tools and equipment for drum handling. And, our team can assist you with reconditioning or recycling drums. Contact us with any questions or request a quote today.